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Where did movie stars, TV personalities, poets, writers, sports figures, politicians, etc. go to relax and unwind? They went home! After all the traveling, filming, photo shoots, interviews, dinners, presentations, parties, gatherings, wardrobe fittings, blah, blah, blah, they would head for the solice and privacy of the walls of their mansions behind the tall stone fences. But Actually, many of the rich and famous lived in apartments and smaller bungalows and their lives weren't all that differant than the rest of us...YEA, RIGHT!

This blog is dedicated to those idols from years past who entertained us at the neighborhood theaters and whose books we read and whose music we enjoyed.

There are many websites that show "today's stars" at home. But not many show the celebrities from long ago simply relaxing and living day-to-day in the comforts of their homes.

So, check out these pictures and see if you spot your favorite celebs and remember, they may have been big stars in their day, but they still went home after work and had a cheese sandwich and watched the "Tonight Show" in bed.